An essential part of your everyday life – You use 1Kg of aggregates per hour

What are aggregates

Aggregates are granular materials used in construction. They are sand, gravel (including marine aggregates), crushed rock, recycled and manufactured aggregates.

Primary aggregates are produced from natural sources, extracted from quarries, sand & gravel extraction sites, and in some countries sea dredged.

Secondary aggregates include recycled and re-used aggregates. Recycled aggregates are reprocessed materials previously used in construction. Manufactured aggregates are usually by-products of other industrial processes such as blast or electric furnace slags or china clay residues.



Crushed rock




Intermediate use

An end-product in themselves as railway ballast, armour stones, beach replenishment, aggregates are also raw materials used in the manufacture of other vital construction products such as ready mixed concrete (made of 80% aggregates), pre-cast concrete products, and asphalt products (made of 95% aggregates).

End use



(Bridges, Harbour, etc.)

Offshore Pipeline stabilisation


Residential Buildings

(Houses, Apartments)


Roads, Runways, Railways, Waterways


Commercial Buildings

(Offices, Factories, etc.)


Social Buildings

(Hospitals, Schools, etc.)