Prevention of accidents

Aggregates Europe – UEPG supports the European Aggregates Industry in promoting the Vision Zero, the strategy that eliminates the cause of fatalities, injuries and ill health from our workplaces, as well as that protects the public from any harm arising out of our activities.

Aggregates Europe – UEPG collects and analyses data from its Members on work-related accidents, providing a pan-European overview of Health & Safety as well as evidence-based advisory.

In addition, our Association regularly produces Health & Safety Tool boxes on various topics, which collect and highlight best practices from Members and promote guiding principles.

Aggregates Europe – UEPG is an Official Partner of EU-OSHA, the European Union information agency for occupational safety and health, supporting the agency in its Healthy Workplaces Campaigns.

Find out more about the Aggregates Europe – UEPG Health & Safety Toolboxes here.

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