Circular Economy

Aggregates Europe – UEPG supports the concept of Circular Economy and waste hierarchy, including recycling where technically, environmentally and economically feasible.

Our Members lead the efforts for a circular and sustainable construction sector in Europe.

Prioritising the wellbeing of European citizens, Aggregates Europe – UEPG strives to make sure that primary & secondary aggregates are subject to the same environmental and technical quality criteria in their respective applications.

In order for the European construction Industry to share a common language, our Association promotes the development of EU-wide End-of-Waste criteria for construction & demolition waste and has created a detailed guidance on the matter.

Overall, the success of our circular economy will depend on the capacity of all stakeholders to reach realistic targets. We estimate that even with the total recycling of all construction and demolition waste, secondary aggregates could not substitute more than 20% of the current total demand of aggregates.

Aggregates Europe – UEPG has a dedicated Task Force on Recycling raising awareness on the need for primary aggregates and the potential of secondary aggregates.

UEPG Guidance

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